From the Ridiculous to the Sublime:

A Salute to The Wild (and Sometimes Wacky) World of Cincinnati Television

Dick Van Hoene, aka "The Cool Ghoul" (1941-2004)

We miss you Dick!

Okay I admit it. I am not a native Texan (but I got here as quickly as I could!).

I grew up in a small town in the Tri-State area (town name witheld to protect the innocent and guilty alike!!) consisting of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The epicenter of this area is the Ohio River city of Cincinnati. In the early decades of television, it was hard to beat Cincinnati for creativity, originality and/or just plain weirdness. The 60's and 70's were definitely the golden age of TV in the Queen City. Growing up in the seventies, I receieved a healthy (or perhaps unhealthy?!?) dose of Cincy's best. I will be giving my recollections of such programs in the coming months. In the meantime there are several good websites out there already, including an excellent and up-to date page by the "puppet master" himself, Larry Smith. A google search on the following individuals and shows will yield a wealth of information. Enjoy!

Cincinnati Personalities/Shows

Al Schottelkotte (1927-1996),News Anchor, Channel 9 WCPO
Dick Van Hoene (1942-2004), "The Cool Ghoul", Scream In, Channel 19 WXIX
Glenn "Skipper" Ryle (d-198?), The Skipper Ryle Show, Channel 12
Al and Wanda Lewis, The Uncle Al Show, Channel 9 WCPO
Bob Shreve (1912-1990) "The Cincinnati Kid", Night People's Theater, Past Prime Playhouse, etc., Channel 12
Larry Smith (1938-), Larry Smith Puppets,Channel 19 WXIX
Nick Clooney(??), Nick Clooney Show
Bob Braun(??), 50-50 Club
Col. Don Shanks, Police Call, Channel 9 WCPO