Sister T. Meets the Mermaid Hunter

Encountering the Mermaid Hunter

In a world different from your own

Underwater Photography By Edmund B. Papp
Key West, Florida, August 22-24 2003


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The Reef, Arches

Dive #1, Maroon Tail

Dive #2, Purple Tail

The Wall

The Water Temple

Reflections Under The Water

The Pool

Static Breath-Hold Training

Dynamic Training: The "Obstacle Course"

I Passed the Tests!!!

It's Official: I am a Real Mermaid!


The Mermaid Poses With The Mermaid Hunter!

The Oh-So-Rare "Dry" Shots.

Posing with the deepwater dive crew. (l to r) Divemaster Ben, photographer Ed, and captain Steve.

Relaxing on the boat between takes.

Being awarded my very own "Mermaid Hunter" T-shirt! (thanks Ed!!!!)
All photos on this page by Ed Papp. To see some of his other work, wisit his website at
CAUTION: This page contains some pictures of women not wearing tops (as mermaids are often seen). If such nudity offends you, then do not go there!

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