A Few Of My Favorite Mermaid Sites

Mermaid.net: Your gateway to all things "Mer" on the internet.
Mermaid Coast: forums, webrings, ecards, natural history of merfolk and other sea creatures.
Mer-swimming: A friend in the Netherlands has made a comprehesive guide to becoming a mermaid or mer-man. This is one of the best sites I have seen to date.
The Mermaid Showcase: Ed Papp is a very talented underwater photographer with a website featuring beautiful pictures and video of living mermaids, including yours truly. (Note: some adult content)
The Historical Mermaid: Comprehensive mermaid site from down under.
Humor: Sixty-six things to do in preparation for life as a mermaid.
Fiction: Echo in a Shell, a short story about the last mermaid on Earth.
Fantasy/RPG: an interesting (but somewhat innacurate) treatise on merfolk by the Santharian RPG group.

Save the Mermaids!!

Don't let Weeki Wachee Springs, home of the world famous live mermaid show, go the way of Cypress Gardens and other local Florida attractions. Click here to find out how you can help.