Why Manatees are not the source of the mermaid legends

You often hear that Florida's beloved "sea cow", aka the West Indian Manatee, is a probable source for the mermaid legend. This you hear mostly from P.C. environmentalist types. Well meaning as they may be, they are sadly misguided. Being a mermaid myself, I can state emphatically that I am not, nor have I ever been, a cow (even when I was overweight!). Yes we are both marine mammals, but we are as different from each other as Humans are from the other land mammals. But regarding the legends, let us make note of the following:


Spotted on rocks basking in the sun

Often seen holding a mirror

Often seen combing their long hair

Sing beautiful siren songs to lure sailors to their doom

Have multicolored tails with glittering fish scales


Unable to climb out of the water

No opposable thumbs!!

No hair except for a few whiskers in the front

Can't carry a tune

Are gray all over

Finally, for those of you who may still be having trouble:

A Mermaid


Not A Mermaid

Not a Mermaid

Any Questions?