The Mermaid Showcase is proud to present

Teresa's Quest

A two volume video By Edmund B. Papp

The third installment in the acclaimed Licquachic series of underwater video

"The Licquachic series was created for the few, special women who really got into the Mermaid Hunter Project...they wanted to act and do physical stunts...they wanted to be push themselves...not only as amateur actors but as athletes in an underwater environment."
-Ed Papp


"As the Mermaid Hunter I've had the pleasure to meet and train extraordinary women who harbored lifelong dreams of becoming true mermaids. Teresa's Quest chronicles one such woman's odyssey as she travels to Key West to train with the Mermaid Hunter. Only after proving her mermaid worthiness by successfully completing a dangerous and arduous underwater obstacle course would the Mermaid Hunter allow her to don a mermaid tail and head out to the open ocean reefs."

Includes: extended open ocean reef scene

...a super swimming pool scene with very clear water underwater glamour shoot in the mermaid tank artistic night time shoot

...a scene in the Water Temple: a freshwater tropical lagoon

...some great footage of saltwater freediving/swimming with the mermaid tail... reaching depths of 35 feet

...a close encounter with a six foot shark

...the highlight of this tape is Teresa surpassing the already dangerous parameters of the underwater obstacle course I devised. Here, Teresa freedives 30 feet to the stern of a sunken cabin cruiser... she swims its 26 foot lenght and enters a forward hatch into a dark cabin below deck...exits and swims back to the back of the boat touching the stern...turns and swims back to the boats steering wheel... blows the camera a kiss....and then AGAIN disappears inside the cabin and exits the craft through the open hatch....Teresa even had some breath left to consider entering the craft from the side window and swimming back to the stern can actually see her trying to judge the blurred distance against her dire need for air at this point....the smart girl did the right thing...she smiled one more time at the camera and kicked like hell for the surface and air!!!!!

Price for the two volume set is $50 for all USA and Canadian addresses.... $60 for all other addresses. Contact Teresa for more ordering information.

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